Millionaire Guest Speakers
JB Vang
J. Kou Vang is President/CEO of JB Vang (JBV), a Real Estate Development, Management & Advisory company based out of St. Paul, MN.  JB Vang have developed over 3MM square feet of properties totaling over $700MM in value since 2002.  JBV  has developed multiple types of buildings such as; office, retail, industrial, medical & dental clinics, casinos & conventional centers, affordable housing, market rate housing, charter schools, places of worship, assisted living facilities and outdoor parks.  JBV has experience with numerous types of financing vehicles such as; conventional bank financing, SBA Loans, State and Federal Historical Tax Credit, Insurance Placements, Capitalized Lease, Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), Housing Revenue Bonds, Municipal Funding Sources (CDBG, ARPA, HOME, etc.), Tax Increment Financing (TIF), Conduit Revenue Bonds, General Obligation Bonds, New Market Tax Credits (NMTC), HUD Loans, Bank and Non-Bank Syndications, Tribal Economic Development Bonds (TED), Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Guaranty Loans, and Private Investments (PPM).
Legacy Funeral Home
J. Kou Vang is President/CEO of Legacy Funeral Home (LFH) in St. Paul, MN.  LFH has 4 chapels in the Twin Cities along with a casket manufacturing plant in Laos and a distribution house in Thailand.  LFH has been fortunate to assist over 250 Hmong, Muslim and Hispanic families annually with local services along with repatriation services to and from many international locations.
Lake Country Community Bank
J. Kou Vang is Chairman/CEO of Lake Country Community Bank (LCCB).  A $35MM community bank with 2 branches in Southeast Minnesota that has been serving the Community since 1928.  LCCB offer residential mortgages, commercial loans, SBA loans, agricultural loans and depository services.
CorTrust Bank
J. Kou Vang is a Shareholder, Board Member and Chairs the Audit and Compensation Committees of the Board of CorTrust Bank (CTB).  This is a privately held $1.6B community bank in South Dakota that has been serving the Community since 1918.  CorTrust Bank has branches in 16 Communities in South Dakota and 15 Communities in Minnesota.  CTB offers residential mortgages, commercial loans, SBA loans, agricultural loans, wealth management, trust services, insurance and depository services.
J. Kou Vang is graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison with degrees in Finance, Accounting and Economics.

J. Kou is going to teach us for half a day on how to build a Real Estate Empire.  How to structure or build your Real Estate Portfolio so it will look attractive to the banks so you can leverage them for bigger deals.  These are the secrets that you won't learn in College or on Youtube.  You only get these secrets from someone who has done it already.
Our first guest speaker is musician Tou Ly Vangkhue. He was the first to commercialized the Hmong Music Industry.

If you didn't know he's also a very skilled Stock Investor.  His nick name is the Hmong Warren Buffett.

You're going to get tips like how he picks his stocks, where he gets all his stock tips, how he manages his money, and how he multiplies it.
Cy Thao is our next Millionaires to speak at this Conference.

Before Cy went into the assisted living business he was an award winning artist with his works being collected by a major museum.

He was also a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives.

In 2006 he went into the assisted living business. His first building was a single family home with 5 rooms. By the fourth year he opened 4 single family homes with 20 rooms. His fifth year he opened a 35 unit facility. Two years later he expanded it to 69 rooms with no money down. Recently he opened a 50 unit facility with plans to increase it to 120 units.

Cy will also talk about the need mentally to go over the hump and take the leap to start a business. Talk about internal struggles. How to prep yourself mentally to keep growing after being comfortable with your success and new life style.

Less on the day to day how to do it, but more about mentality and what he does to stay focused and mentally prepared for bad situations like pandemics.
Our next guest speakers is this couple who went from $0 to $1.4M in 5 years. You're going to get to hear how they build their Real Estate Empire and what it took while having a child along the way and not taking any weekends off.
Three Workshop That Will Be Taught
Zong Vang is known through out the Hmong Community as the "Go to Guy" for Stock and Options trading. 

He's is going to be our instructor for our Stock Trading class at this Conference.

He's going to be sharing us a few of his money making strategies.
I learn everything about Airbnb Investing from Brian Yang, he's coming back to teach this class.

Me and Brian are going to teach you how to analyze a AIRBNB deal for profits, how to find the best market to buy these deals and how to manage it.
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